Racing in 2016

27 September 2016

I’m going to plead fatigue.  I left the #27 RX-7 parked for the 2016 season and ran Spec Miata.  Very different experience from the 500+ HP turbo car to 115 hp of Spec Miata.  I’ve managed third place in the King of the Road mini-enduro series and according to the WCMA points I’m sixth in the Spec Miata series.  According to the MiatavsMiata points I’m a lot lower, so I’m going to pay attention to the WCMA points instead.  I’ve re-connected with how to be smooth on the track and the lap times were faster at each of the four events.  I would rate my current skill level as moderate.  I still have a lot of fast to find out there.

My current Miata is a 1997 with a 1.8L engine and I think it is a decent car, capable of top 5 lap times in the class, but not much better.  I have a theory the master cylinder is not allowing the fluid to return fast enough and the result is dragging calipers.  Next year, new master cylinder and more time tweaking on the alignment or bring the turbo car back out and see if smooth+500 hp can set some decent times.

I managed a really clean season up until the last weekend, where it went to shit.  I had a tire brush in the Sunday practice, which set the tone for the rest of Sunday.  I placed well in the points race, coming in fourth and sixth in the second race. In the GT race which had all car classes, It started bad as lap three a white BMW looped in front of me while the pack was still pretty tight. I braked hard and got hammered by Matt B.  Luckily I saw him just before he hit and I dropped off the brake and aimed for the grass.  He hit me solid and bounced me off the track a ways. After that I was down quite far in the class, but I pushed along anyway.  I managed to catch Matt and get past him, but after a faster car (thanks Bruce) passed me, Matt was able to sneak inside.  We were both held up by some higher horsepower, slow-cornering cars and I had another incident where I tried to go inside on corner 11 while the white BMW and the Slovo picked the same moment to go off-line and brake really hard, causing Gary Roberts to brake hard and avoid them.  The end result was Gary and I trying to share the same space in 11.  Minor damage to both cars resulted.  I think I finished pretty far down in the G3 group.  The racing was super fun and aside from the hits it was an awesome season.

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