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Jan 8, 2010

The #27 is sitting out, waiting for a certain fellow to complete his shop.  Once we can get to work on the car there are a few items in need of attention.  At the end of the Speedway Performance Time Attack season (which I won (Yay)) I think it may have turned a rotor bearing in the engine.  I had severe oil heating problems at the Indy, seeing 270 to 280 degrees and a general smell of burning. and it was still an issue at the time attack.  I think I overdid the lapping at the end of the session.  In my defense, the Porsche GT3 had just pulled out and I *really* wanted to pass him.  After passing him I naturally wanted to build a huge lead, seeing how much distance I could build per lap.  About six laps in I lost power.  It fired back up and ran, but it didn’t quite feel right after that, so I put it on the trailer.

Here’s the 2010 plan:  Pull the engine and transmission, pull both apart, inspect and re-assemble if they are both fine.  Fix if not.  Find a bigger intercooler and install it.  Find an oil cooler that isn’t all blocked off and replace the existing one which is mangled.  Figure out how to fit the 17×9.5″ rims and 260 slicks up front.  The push at the Indy made me feel there was some corner speed left on the table with a better balance of rubber.  Get new slicks for the 2010 Indy.  Get some time behind the wheel and be ready for the Indy.

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