Pre-Indy work

Jun 10, 2011

So, here I am again, another year, another Indy and another massive list of outstanding work. Back to Triage mode, fix what must be fixed, ignore the less important stuff and get the car ready to go as soon as possible. Hopefully time will remain for testing.

Last year there were two outstanding issues, oil temperatures and oil loss. I’ve attempted to cure the oil temperature with a re-alignment of the turbocharger, making more room for the oil drain line, some titanium header wrap and an additional heat shield. To cure the oil loss problem, I’ve drilled a vent hole into the front cover and plumbed in back to my catch can to stop the engine from pushing oil up out of the engine on hard corners under boost.

My outstanding work comes mainly from work yet to be done to maximize the front end re-work and add in the water injection system.
I have to vent the hood so I can flow more air through the intercooler and hopefully add a little downforce up front.

I also have to re-work my three year old plywood splitter for the new front end. The old layout had the splitter routing air under the front bumper and into the rad. With the new ducting up front I’m looking to add a lip to the splitter, hopefully creating a high pressure area at the base of the lip, pushing down on the splitter and adding downforce. This is all with the goal of keeping the front of the car planted as we get near my guesstimated speed of 150 mph on the 1KM long straight. Should be a fun few first laps as I see how the car reacts above 135 mph (which is the fastest it has gone do date)


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