May 12 2014

May 12, 2014

Well, after yet another year of pulling the T2K apart (my joke name for the G-force T5 as it always costs $2K to put it back together, well $1300 this time) and buying new parts the car is back in one piece.  I ran it out at Castrol Raceway on the Saturday during the drivers school.  The car felt mostly good, there was a minor vibration under braking (Rotors might be ready for replacement, I’ve already bought them)  Running on my 8+ year old Toyo RA-1 trailer tires and on wastegate-only boost (14 lbs) the car felt quite good.  The driver, not so good. Having never run Castrol, I had no idea what to do out there and I was slow.  After spending the afternoon lapping with Josh in his RX-8 I have a much better understanding, now to map it to the #27.  The Sunday session it was snowing so I decided against trying to run the almost slick RA-1s.  I was able use both students to further develop my understanding of the track, having each try some variations through the more complex corners.  In the end I think the “kink” is just a poor section of the track, with no fast way through it. It was great to have an advanced student (Josh) as we were able to get to advanced concepts like moving the weight of the car around using the throttle and brakes between corners and using the weight positioning to reduce tire rubbing on the front fender. Having raced in the CC class for five years I’ve built a good deal of experience driving around a misbehaving car.  Always fun to pass tricks along.


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