Long time no update.

Jan 20, 2015

Since my last update I’ve had the car to the track twice.  The first was a time attack event, where I had a very hard time getting used to the car on the new track.  I discovered the gearing was horrible from the front straight, with about 150 feet of very slow off-boost acceleration after the dreaded “kink”.  The 4.30 rear gears simply are too short, putting second gear too high to use.  First gear is way too low, with any kind of power application the car is an uncontrollable mess.  I also suffered from a slipping Limited Slip.  I fear the ford racing traction lock just isn’t up to the task of slicks and turbo power, so I broke down and swapped in 4.88 gears and a TrueTrac.

My next event was the Leduc 1K where we ran the Bandit MK.II in an epic 11+ hour endurance race of 1000 km.  We had three drivers and three pit crew and we had an amazing time.  During the last half of my first stint in the car we developed a serious miss, which we tracked down 30 minutes later to debris in the fuel pump.  Despite sitting on the sidelines for 30+ minutes we managed a second place finish overall, first in our class.  Greg L. managed a last lap pass to move us into second overall and he ran the wheels of that poor car.


My final event for the 2014 season was a GT race weekend.  I managed a few laps in the practice session before having to pull off with no throttle.  I waited out the session on the side of the track.  A few minutes in the pit and we found the throttle cable bracket had bent and let the throttle cable slip free.  A quick minute with some pliers and the car was good to go for the next session.  I pulled up to grid for the next session and had what appeared to be a little spurt of coolant escape just as we were pulling onto the track.  In fact it was the last spurt of any coolant in the car and a lap later the engine terminally overheated.  I spent the rest of the weekend helping out in the pits with the other cars.


The current state is a new engine in underway, same basic built, TII housings and plates with REW rotors and gears.  I did upgrade to a new 5 lbs flywheel and new clutch disks for my tilton dual disk 7 1/4 clutch as the old disks had started falling apart (after five years of abuse).  All the remains is to finish the build, drop the engine in and then repair the wiring which melted on the top of the engine from the overheating.  Hopefully next year is better 😉

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  1. eage8
    January 20th, 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    Awesome to hear the new diff is working. I have a ronin kit, a truetrac, and some 5.14s sitting in my garage right now 🙂

    did you ever add a diff cooler to it? how did it look when you swapped the diff out?

  2. admin
    January 20th, 2015 at 3:51 pm #

    The 4.30 gears were only a year old, they looked fine. The clutch based lsd had lost a fair bit of material, thus the TrueTrac. With the majority of races just 20 minute sprints I don’t think a cooler is required.