IT lives again

Apr 21, 2015

After a few days of working on the car, about a dozen deep gashes and a lot of help from Conroy, the #27 is again rolling under its own power.  I still have some work to perform on the car and it needs a complete nut and bolt from front to back, but this is a great place to be in April.  I’ll have to remember the arcane process of setting the timing on the Microtech and then go through each of my electronic systems to ensure they are functioning properly.  I found what I think was a part of the problem last year, the main temperature sensor connector had dropped out the plug from the back of the connector and the two connections were free to short to each other at will.  This kept the temperature gauge reading cold even when the engine was not.  As the huge radiator mounted in v-mount is very efficient, the car is usually towards the bottom of the gauge most of the time. The good thing is the new engine and turbo should be good for a few years of track duty before anything else is needed.

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