The state of the #27

Dec 3, 2015

As of a few weeks ago, the perpetually breaking G-Force Racing Dog shifted T5 2.46 (1st) 1.53 (2nd) 1.23 (3rd) 1.0 (4th) .90 (5th) is officially replaced. I’ve installed the GM TKO600 (TCET4618) which is 2.87 (1st) 1.89 (2nd) 1.28 (3rd) 1.0 (4th) and .82 (5th).  I used a Green Brothers Racing Adapter from Green Brothers Racing, Which is a beautiful part to adapt the stock TII bellhousing to tke TKO600.  Everything went pretty smooth, just had to re-fab the rear transmission mount and shorten the driveshaft a 1/2 inch.  So the  car is now rolling under power again. 

But, I now have a quandary.  What class should I attempt to race the #27 in? We’ve moved to the NASA rules and as the car sits, it is classed in SU, where it will be destroyed by the competition (or there is none). I’ve been running some numbers and I have a few options.  First, the facts:

The car weighs 2305 without the driver, I weigh 250 lbs

The car has dynoed at 459 rwhp.

I’m currently running 260/625/17 slicks up front and 280/650/18 slicks in the rear

Option 1. Run car as is in SU.

Option 2. De-tune to 430 hp and run ST1 with the current slicks.

Option 3. De-tune to 455 hp and run ST1 with the 260 current slicks on all corners.

Option 4. Tune up to 500 rwhp and run 275 Hankook 214’s in ST1 (not sure if possible)

Option 5. Detune to 335 rwhp and run 275 Hankooks in ST2

Option 6. Detune to 300 hp and run slicks in ST2

Option 7. Detune to 315 hp and run 275 slicks on all four corners in ST2

Option 8. Try and run ST3 by de-tuning / smaller tires, ballast. (I think I’d rather run Spec Miata than do this)

Due to the number of body and aero mods to the car I think ST3 isn’t really an option.

Given the ride height adjustment to fit the 18″ wheels up front it might make the car less competitive.

Right now I’m not sure what to do.  The lower cost of the Hankooks vs the $500+ slicks is kind of appealing.

Here’s a pic of the 280 slicks up front. I might need some better fender flares






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