The Race Car

#27 in 2009

Here is the #27 as it sits today.

  • 2305 lbs wet weight with 1/2 tank of fuel
  • 400 rwhp at 14 lbs of boost.
  • Pulls up to 1.6G in the corners (according to my Trackmate)
  • Runs consistent 1:03’s at Stratotech

The chassis:

  • 1988 Base model RX-7
  • Fully caged and seam welded
  • All delrin bushings
  • Bilstein E production racing dampers with remote reservoirs in the rear
  • Wilwood 13″x1.25″ brake rotors and 6 piston supertlight calipers using “”B” pads
  • Wilwood 3 master cylinder brake pedal system
  • Carbotech Xp8 rear pads in stock calipers and cryo-treated and slotted stock rotors
  • 17×8.5″ Enkei RPF1 wheels with 230/625/17 Yokohama A005 slicks in an s01 compound up front
  • 18×10.5″ Enkei RPF1 wheels with 280/650/18 Yokohama A005 slicks in an s01 compound out back
  • Fiberglass rear widebody overfenders (2″ or so wider than stock)
  • Fiberglass front fenders (1″ wider than stock (still too narrow))
  • Fiberglass and lexan rear hatch
  • Ricer-type rear wing
  • Hillbilly extreme front splitter


  • mix of S4 and S5 parts
  • S5 hardend stationary gears
  • S4 low compression rotors
  • Ported S5 irons and housings
  • Mazdacomp oil pressure reg (100psi)
  • Ported throttle body
  • A-Spec gt35 R T4 turbo kit w/ stainless manifold and Tial 44mm wastegate
  • Tilton dual disk 7  1/4 clutch
  • 3″ exhaust

The Rest

  • G-Force –  Dog engaged, straight cut gear T5 transmission
  • Microtech LT-8 computer
  • Custom wiring and dash
  • ATL 22 us Gallon Sport fuel cell
  • Dual holley low pressure feed fuel pumps
  • Aeromotive “Tsunami” fuel pump
  • Home built 3L surge tank
  • Circle track radiator
  • too small intercooler
  • beat-to-hell stock Turbo II oil cooler