First Time Attack

4 June 2011

Friday night was the first Time Attack of the 2011 season. The weather was wretched, temperatures were 6 degrees and intermittent rain.

I chose to run my ancient Toyo RA-1’s instead of my usual Yokohama A005 Slicks. My thought was the Toyos might be better in the cold, moist conditions. I was able to run a few 64 second laps, with a best lap of 63.58 seconds. The time was enough for 1st place in Race tire. I had to turn the boost down to prevent traction loss in 3rd gear. The entire lapping session was an exercise in throttle control.

I’m happy to report the new cooling setup worked quite well, as temps stayed quite low throughout the evening.

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Ducting complete

3 June 2011

Well, the oil coolers and rad/intercooler are all ducted in. The chances of dropping a grinder have gone way down.


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Chump Car event

30 May 2011


As a way to get in a little more racing, four RX-7 enthusiasts got together and built a car for the Calgary Chump car race.

We managed a second place in the first race, despite long fueling times and we cut an oil cooler line in the Sunday race, pushing us down the standings. We also were assigned a 30 minute penalty when our fastest driver ran over some cones on the pit out, pushing us out of the top 5.

The event was a blast and the car we built worked extremely well, with good power on the straights and excellent handling in the corners. It also helped that three of our four drivers had a good amount of lap time at the track previously. Over the two days we each bettered the other drivers best lap times in our session, with the car running a second or so faster than any other car on the track. As a whole, a great event.


The bandit car was a 1989 RX-7 with about 3″ chopped out of the stock springs and some holes drilled in the stock sway bar to increase the leverage.

We also built some lower control arm extenders from some 3/8″ steel for more front camber.

These three simple mods paid huge handling dividends as the car was fast, composed and confidence-inspiring all weekend.

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Front Ducting started

20 April 2011

Once again, race season approaches and I’m getting tight for time. I’ve gone into get it done mode on the front end ducting. It won’t be as lovely as I wanted, but it should jam air where it is supposed to go. I’ll have to get the fiberglass hood and cut the hole for the intercooler exit soon.


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Oil coolers in

29 January 2011

The new oil coolers and thermostat are in place. I also have the new rad and intercooler in. I’m thinking about building some new supports for the bottom of the oil coolers as well.

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V-mount assembly

3 August 2010

Were fabricating the new front bits. The new front end actually has a 1.5″ 0.065″ tubing “bumper” which ties straight to the frame rails of the car. This should offer some front protection in the case of an incident. On the bad news front I dropped my grinder on the rad while I was relocating the coolant tubing and as such had to spend around three hours trying to weld the holes up. I think I managed to get the holes sealed up, but I won’t know for sure until I fire it up and ensure it holds water. The Rad is looking a little beat from the last six years, so a replacement might be a good idea anyways.
l_1600_1200_39721025-51da-44d8-ad77-04bdb7ebfc11 l_1600_1200_06a37a2f-9994-404f-b6c5-1ac87a753864

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More rework

28 July 2010

Now I chopped the front off the frame rails. The plan is to V-mount the rad and intercooler.

further cutting

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Now, back to work

26 July 2010

Here is a pic of the car after I stripped the bodywork and then after the front end rework:



l_1600_1200_4b679646-5e9c-4b70-ac21-f8af4d3f517a l_1600_1200_4bff8fb3-d218-47b9-9db4-04903e2dbe3b l_1600_1200_16c39b12-2532-4e26-9964-3a44ac83263f l_1600_1200_fb3e17bc-fc6a-4d21-838a-f04d57b782f8

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We just finished a great 2010 Eurasia Cup GT race and managed a third place in GTP2. The car ran out of fuel on the last lap, but I had managed to lap the fourth place car. Oil temperatures were very high due to a return line AN fitting touching the exhaust, but the car ran quite good. I had to back off when the temps got too high, but it all worked out in the end. Big thanks to Rahul and Kyle for all the help all weekend.

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It lives Again!!!

5 July 2010

I’m happy to say the #27 has once again belched foul smelling smoke out of the tailpipe (and under-hood exhaust leak).  The new engine is up and running with only minor oil spillage and odd smells.  The new setup has about an hour of idling on it and an hour of lapping the track.  If I can get the time I’ll try to put three or four more hours on the motor before the GP to ensure it is broken in gently.


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New Engine is together

19 June 2010

Managed to get a day in working on the car. We managed to get the housings ported and get the motor together. The new setup is basically S5 irons and housings and S6 (third gen) rotating assembly. We used the Rotary Aviation seals again and the solid corner seals so the motor should be as solid as the last one. Upgrades are a new Pineapple Racing oil pan and a new to me oil cooler to replace the old bent up one. When I put the new motor in I’ll likely re-think the front end ducting to the oil cooler, radiator and intercooler. We just need to see how my time works out before the Indy. Looks like I’ll be running the Cayman at another Time attack on Monday night.


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April Update

5 April 2010

Well, it is official. What felt like a rear rotor bearing in the engine was exactly that. The rear rotor bearing in the engine was destroyed. The center and rear plates of the motor are junk, but the rest of the engine is in good shape.  Credit me feeling the car was “wrong” and trailering it before the damage spread.   I just have to figure out my plans and check availability of parts to figure out how to fix (and upgrade) it.  You just know it has to go together faster and better than before.
p_1600_1200_2052f27d-81d4-474b-8158-e7f8dcbdd908 p_1600_1200_590e17cb-2258-402f-91fd-b730163477e4 p_1600_1200_5b81d8aa-b083-4db2-b0ab-ee7c3a315812





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I was just looking through the times again (and appreciating Matt’s sense of humour with the comments) and I wanted to highlight the last event.  Some serious hardware showed up and the times were quite good.  I think my slicks may have started to harden up as I couldn’t equal my previous best times, but the car was still sticking quite good.  Here are the times:

Race Tire Class
1. Trent Oster – 63.221 – Mazda RX-7 Turbo
2. Travis Kittlitz (Dynacor Media) – 64.586 – Nissan 350Z Turbo
3. Russell Timmons – 65.741 – Porsche GT3
4. Dave Whiting – 66.294 – Nissan 300ZX TT
5. Mitch Lalonde – 67.903 – Corvette Z06
6. Philip Kieley – 68.179 – Mitsubishi Evo X
7. Dean Burnam – 69.067 – Nissan 300ZX TT
8. Brian Sinfield – 70.335 – Mazda Eunos Turbo

Some pretty heavy hitting hardware there, most cars in the 400 hp or better range
Since Conroy is now done his shop I’ll have to get out there and start pulling the car apart ASAP. I’ve got to beat my 2009 record and get under 62 seconds. My long term goal is to lap Stratotech under 60 seconds, but I think that might be out of reach for the current #27. We’ll have to see.

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Here is a link to the Time Attack standings through 2009.  It took until quite late in the season for me to truly get up to speed.

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Where we sit today

8 January 2010

The #27 is sitting out, waiting for a certain fellow to complete his shop.  Once we can get to work on the car there are a few items in need of attention.  At the end of the Speedway Performance Time Attack season (which I won (Yay)) I think it may have turned a rotor bearing in the engine.  I had severe oil heating problems at the Indy, seeing 270 to 280 degrees and a general smell of burning. and it was still an issue at the time attack.  I think I overdid the lapping at the end of the session.  In my defense, the Porsche GT3 had just pulled out and I *really* wanted to pass him.  After passing him I naturally wanted to build a huge lead, seeing how much distance I could build per lap.  About six laps in I lost power.  It fired back up and ran, but it didn’t quite feel right after that, so I put it on the trailer.

Here’s the 2010 plan:  Pull the engine and transmission, pull both apart, inspect and re-assemble if they are both fine.  Fix if not.  Find a bigger intercooler and install it.  Find an oil cooler that isn’t all blocked off and replace the existing one which is mangled.  Figure out how to fit the 17×9.5″ rims and 260 slicks up front.  The push at the Indy made me feel there was some corner speed left on the table with a better balance of rubber.  Get new slicks for the 2010 Indy.  Get some time behind the wheel and be ready for the Indy.

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18″ slicks in the rear

8 January 2010








Here is the car in it’s current form.  I’ve gone to widebody fenders in the rear to fit the Enkei RPF1 18×10.5″ rims and the 280/650/18 slicks.  I kept the front 230/625/17’s up front, but that needs to change for next year, the car tends to plow a bit when pushed hard.  I also added sideskirts and  lifted the rear wing.  If you look close at the front of the car you can see the supports for the splitter are broken on the right side where Reg Sumaru and I got into each other.  I figured he was going to leave room and he figured otherwise.  I do feel bad about it though, as it destroyed his wheel and knocked him out of the running for a number of laps.

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17″ Slicks all around

8 January 2010

Here is the car as it ran the 2008 Indy event.  I’m running Yokohama slicks on all four corners.  The fronts are 17×8.5″ Enkei RPF1 rims with 230/625/17 Yokohama A005 Slicks in an S04 compound.  Rear is 17×9.5″ RPF1’s with 260/640/17 Slicks, also in the S04 compound.  The car was pretty quick with this setup, in fact too fast for the brakes. During qualifying a brake duct bent up, causing the 550 degree Willwood brake fluid to boil. The brakes completely failed and I pitched the car sideways through a corner, hitting another car.  The race ended with me losing 2nd place in a spin and finishing 4th in class.


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17″ wheels out back

8 January 2010






Here you can see I’ve swapped on 17″ wheels out back so I can fit the 275/40/17 Toyo RA-1’s. They beat the hell out of the 225 50 15’s for rear grip, but as the boost came up the traction wasn’t enough

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#27 engine and turbo

8 January 2010

Here’s the engine minus the upper intake with the turbo on it. I changed my mind and went with the S5 rails which made for a neater installation. I’ve since replaced them with the Keith’s rails for the FC, I just had too many issues trying to keep the 1680 cc injectors sealed


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#27 Roller

8 January 2010


And Thar she blows, a shiny Turbo II, rolling on some really ugly stock wheels. You can see how nice it is to have the cage in before you paint.

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